BBQ: Persian Style!

If you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip the first few pictures. I just wanted to share some delicious food and a wonderful moment I had with my family over the weekend!

I visited my dad and we had lamb liver and heart for lunch! I know, it may make you squeal...but believe me when I say it is absolutely delicious! Especially since it was cooked Persian style. 

I must admit, this was my first time having this. So, I was a bit hesitant at first. But once I got past the fact that it was liver and heart that I was consuming, I was able to seriously enjoy some yummy food with wonderful company!

My dad wasn't quite sure why I insisted on taking pictures of all the steps, but he went along with it anyway. So, thank you dad, for allowing me to document our little lunch affair and for even calling me over several times to come and take pictures when I wasn't paying attention. Yeah, at times I got a bit distracted while he was preparing things, so he kindly reminded me to come and take a picture when he saw that I was too busy stuffing my face with chips and guacamole. 

As I would lean in to take a picture, he would teasingly attempt to stick his hand in front of the camera. Luckily, my timing was perfect and I was able to dodge his wavering hand!

So, before we begin, let me remind you that if raw liver and heart makes you feel a bit queasy, you may want to skip the first few pictures and go straight to the grilling portion!

Here is the liver (on top) and the heart.

This is the liver, getting prepped.

Here my dad trimmed off a little fat, cut the valve out of the hearts, and cut everything into small chunks. The liver seems to be very bloody, because even after washing it thoroughly several times, it still left a slightly bloody trail in its wake.

This picture is showing where he has started to add the heart chunks to the skewers, which is what we Persian use to grill. 

This is a small rack, which shuts tight and allows you to place meat in between. Here, he is laying the liver down into the rack. BTW: The only seasoning he used was a pinch of salt for everything.

Welcome back to all of the people who were too queazy to look at the first few pictures! Here we have begun the process of grilling!

Liver waiting to be grilled...

Everything is almost cooked through!

Hamburger buns which will be thrown on the grill at the end.

Here is some heart which is finished cooking and is just resting. 

Some hamburger patties got thrown into the mix...

Adding more meat to the grill and turning up the heat!

Bam! My first skewer of heart! I was told that it's "traditional" to eat this right off of the skewer (using your fingers to pull off the meat) and straight off of the grill, while still hot. I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious this was. It was so juicy, tender, moist, and packed with flavor! I'm not joking...this was better than meat kabob. It was incredible. 

Here's some meat served on the plate. I think this was just liver.

And a few more skewers of liver and hamburger patties.

I definitely preferred the heart to the liver. The liver was very delicious, but it had a richer texture and taste than the heart. The heart tasted more similar to meat, and the liver tasted like...liver. I've never had liver or heart from a cow, but my dad says he'd much rather have lamb liver / heart than cow. 

You can purchase lamb liver and heart from any Halal (Arabic / Persian) food market. You may also be able to find it at a grocery store, which carries specialty foods. 

I'd highly recommend trying it, if you are not afraid to try and experience new things. It is very delicious, and extremely simple! Just clean, cut, salt, and grill. Nothing to it!

So thank you to my dad and my wonderful family for a wonderful lunch and experience! I had so much fun spending time with all of you and cherish moments like these! Good food, good company, good atmosphere...everything was wonderful. 

After lunch my dad even brought out his Backgammon set and taught me how to play by playing one game with me. It was definitely a bonding day and I had tons of fun! Thank goodness the weather was so beautiful to allow us to have such a wonderful time...and to allow for me to enjoy having grilled lamb organs for the first time, ha ha!


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